Tuesday, May 24, 2011


We put some things on the wall in the nursery!

It's a Christmas miracle!
Yes, I know a yard stick, drill, and hammer should not be stored on the changing table.

I was tired.  Sue me. 

And of course there was drama with the shelving.  I bought 2 shelves from Target, then decided they were too long...so they got returned.  No biggie.

I went to about 7 other places before finding shelves in a better length.  I bought three because that was all they had and I was worried I would get home and want more and regret.  I'm weird like that. 

Sunday night I decide it's time to hang the shelves.  I get the 6 HUGE holes in my freshly-painted wall, hang the support, and try to attach the shelf.  The screws go in, but fall out immediately.

Cue over-reaction.

I might have thrown some things and went on about how "nothing is easy with this nursery."

Thank God for David--he figured out that the first shelf I bought was defective and we just opened a new one and put it on.  After, of course, calming me down.  And buying me ice cream.

Initially I was thinking we needed two shelves...but now I'm thinking just the one is good.  What do you all think?  

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  1. Personally I would add one more shelf but that's only because there needs to be plenty of trophy and award space :)