Monday, February 1, 2010

Auto Show and White Elephants

David and I had a pretty sweet weekend.
On Friday, he called me up at work with a long story about how the most exciting thing we could possibly do that weekend would be to go to the Auto Show. I put my hand over the receiver and asked Susan and Doris (who I share the "Data Den" with on Tuesdays/Thursdays/Pay-Day-Fridays) if that sounded like fun to them.
Oh man, did Susan and Doris laugh.
Anyway, David and I agreed that if he could find some friends to tag along with us, I would go.
David never disappoints...Tara and Dan were suckered along too.

Imagine my surprise to find that not only was it an Auto Show (is my capitalization correct? I have no idea) was also an expo for Roller Derby!!!!
Oh yes! My mood improved drastically!

While it wasn't a full-on even, we got to see some pretty aggressive play and lots of shoving. The rules are still pretty confusing to me, but violence is always fun to watch.

After we finished watching the girls skate and shove in their tiny shorts, we wandered around looking at cars. In a true miracle, David and I were in complete agreement about which car was the best one at the show.
Too bad it was a Cadillac. We decided that we could probably sell our house and live out of there, but I decided that a life of drive-thru wasn't something I would go for, even if we got this awesome car.
Oh well. Law school will be over soon, but I'll still be cheap. Spending this much on a vehicle is most likely never in my future.
This is Speed Racer's car. I haven't seen the movie/show, but that's what the sign said, so I took a picture.
Go Speed Racer!
This must have been a fancy car, because we took a picture in it. Maybe a Lamborghini?? Ferrari?
I don't know.
After the show, we went to dinner at Tigin, an Irish pub downtown. Our waiter was weird... showing us his scars from his TWO brain surgeries and mocking the beer I chose.
Aside: I ordered a Strongbow! That is a fancy beer for me--it wasn't like I ordered a Bud Light Lime or something else! Imagine if I had ordered the Boone's Farm I really wanted!!!

Anyway, the food was good, especially when our waiter gave us a little peace and quiet. During dinner, we noticed that the Roller Derby girls were gathering at the table next to the bar...and ogled. They were far less intimidating when they weren't wearing those tiny, shiny pants.
Being that it was C-O-L-D out, Tara and I convinced the boys to walk to the parking garage and get the car for us (yes, we're sissies). They agreed under the stipulation that we get one of the semi-frightening girl's autograph.
I sucked up my fear and waited for one to walk by alone (people alone are WAAAY less scary, right?). Turns out, Starry, Starry, Fight was very nice and even called her team captain over to talk to us. She explained some of the rules and encouraged us (yes, US) to try out.
Man, if only I knew how to skate. But I've got TWO autographs!!

At home, I promptly did some Internet stalking. Click here to check them out too!

Saturday, David got up early and heading to the Mizzou game (I don't know who they played) while I went on my long run. 8 miles!!!

When he got back, we heading to Dogtown for a dinner and gift exchange. Check out the sweet Owl Lights we scored (courtesy Mel's grandma's garage). YES!

For some reason, lots of the gifts involved men's lounge wear. Here's Steph unwrapping a nice smoking jacket. I think Rochelle's a little jealous.
We ended the night by David and I KICKING ASS in Scene It. Well, we actually barely managed to squeak out a win. But a win is a win, right?
On Sunday, I ran some miles with Parkway's Training Team. My school district has a group that trains together for the St. Louis marathon and half. Since I did my long run on Saturday, I ran 4 miles with another girl. We found out that her boyfriend goes to SLU Law with David. Small world!

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