Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Getting Crafty!

On the way to church Sunday, we drove by Joanne's Fabrics. I started thinking about how I hadn't used my sewing machine since my pre-wedding Craft City days.
So, after church and when David went to study at school, I took a trip over there.

And ended up with this...yikes.
Have no fear, friends. Before I went to bed last night that pile of fabric had become...

I was pretty proud of myself, and promptly forced David to take some pictures. As you can tell from the one below, I am REALLY excited about the lime green lining.
I also bought fabric to make another one... I'm thinking these might turn into gifts for the coming year. I forgot how much I like to make things...as evidenced by this super happy grin.

1 comment:

  1. that is amazing...look at you! It even has a ruffle. When I move we need to have sewing parties so I can get better at it and be as crafty as you :)