Monday, February 8, 2010


On Friday, I drove to Kansas. The first half was horrid, mostly due to the snow storm I was driving through. However, I made it to my parent's house by mid-evening. They greeted me with a glass of wine, Christmas presents (thanks!!) and a trip to visit my fur-baby, Maggie.Oh goodness, I had missed her. I'm sure everyone is tired about hearing me talk about how much I missed my baby.
Saturday was Maggie's 4th birthday, which, incidentally catches her up to me in human years. 28 for both of us! I gave her a nice present and all the love I had been storing in my heart for the two months she was on "vacation" with the parents.
And then I cleaned out my car. Woo!
After Mom and Dad got off work, I went out to do my long run for the weekend. I ran 8 miles (at an 8:42/mile pace!!!) and Mom walked 3ish.
Then I showered. Because, apparently, I stink after running.
I conned Mom into making BATCHES of my favorite muffins ever while I was home. They're Applesauce Oatmeal and SO GOOD! When all was said and done, we had made SIX recipes worth of this muffin...
That gave us a grand total of 92 muffins. No worries, though... they were in the "freezes beautifully" section of my cookbook.

Sorry for the random Steele Magnolias quote. Anytime I think about freezing food, that pops in my head.

Sunday, I woke up early and did a quick 4 miles (in the best pace I've seen in a while--8:10/mile!!) before heading back to St. Louis. The drive was much better than Friday's drive, but still long. I was happy to be out of that car.

David opened presents from my parents when we got back... and was thrilled with his massaging slippers. Thank you Mom! Now I'll never have to refuse to give a foot rub again.
Seriously. Foot rubs are sick.

The fur-babies were happy to be home too!
Really. Maggie was happy. For some reason she always looks sad in pictures.
David and I decided to stay in and watch the Super Bowl at home...mostly because I was exhausted and didn't want to host....and didn't want to abandon the babies so quickly after getting back.
Look how happy we all are!!

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