Monday, February 22, 2010

Saturday, a day of food

We went to a trivia night Saturday with some, after my 9 mile run (woot, woot, 8:48 pace!), I spent the rest of the day baking and attempting to do laundry.

I started to make the pizza roll-ups (that I had made for book club) and had a brainstorm.  Since rolling up things is no fun, I used mini muffin tins.
Oh yeah, pizza-y goodness.  And healthy!

Well, one is healthy.  The amount I ate, not so much :)

I also made a roasted red pepper dip (that I didn't end up was "funny") and some mocha chocolate cake.  Oh and cookies!  It was Kelly's birthday later that night, so I made up some heaven cookies for her.

I'm always so proud of myself when I manage to package something nicely.

Anyway, at trivia night, the entire spread looked like this.  Notice Tara seeming happy, for some reason.
Wait, I know the reason.  Do you see all that food?  Seriously!  Yummy.  
That fantastic cake I made is on the yellow platter on the center.  Goodness gracious, I want a piece now.

Now I'm just going to throw in some pictures of me and people.  Because that's how I roll.
Like a dork.  That's how I roll.
In this last one, I had stolen Laura's bracelet and rings...and was probably smacking David.  Probably for looking like a fool in the shot above this one.

After trivia finished up, we headed to Valley Park to celebrate Kelly's birthday.  We got there a little late, and the crowd was, um, really well-hydrated.  Some girl was puking in the bathroom with the aide of her mom.  (I love my mom, but think if I was puking in a bar it might not be her job to clean up after me.  I'm just saying.)

Here's David and me with the birthday girl.  For some reason, I'm standing very awkwardly behind her.  Not really sure why.
Laura, Jess, and I.  Note my signature sexy-lady-with-mouth-open pose.  
You can borrow it for your own pictures.  It looks smashing in every situation.

Check out the guy behind Kelly.  He was one of the well-hydrated patrons, and very proud of his signature pose.  It involved standing around and shuffling back and forth while raising the roof.

He seemed to think it's as sexy as my mouth open thing.
Jess did not think so.

Thumbs down, drunk man.  Thumbs down.

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