Thursday, February 18, 2010


Yesterday was a crazy day for me, but I somehow managed to get everything done.  Work was a bunch of meetings, intertwined with David stopping by for a little visit on his way to Columbia.  It's cute...people at work always get so excited when a *boy* visits me.  I tell them that he's not a boy anymore...we're married.

After work, I did a 6 mile run at Queeny Park.  I don't go to this park often, but since it's by work, I decided to give it a shot.  MOST of the snow was melted, but it was still a little slick and slushy in areas.  I was devistated that I hit a puddle of mud since it was only my THIRD day wearing my new shoes, but oh well.

I changed and deordorized in a gas station bathroom (classy!) and then headed to dinner at Red Robin with Danna, Mike, Debra, and Liam.  I'm still amazed at what a good baby Liam is, especially in group settings.  It was fun to venture out with the in-laws, and not at all scary like David predicted :)

Since David went to Columbia for a basketball game, I went to Ash Wednesday services by myself... I don't really mind, especially since I ran into a friend or two at service.  This year, I'm giving up mints and gum.  I find myself mindlessly munching on them ALL THE TIME and, since I'm pretty on track with eating and have already given up soda, I figure this is next on my healthy list.  So far, it's been rough!  I think David's giving up chips and fries...good luck to him!

What did everyone else give up?

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