Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Valentine's Day... hearts and love and junk

David and I had a lovely Valentine's Day.  He had been working on a HUGE journal article that was due at midnight on Saturday, so, luckily, he was completely done and free for Sunday.

Saturday, after Mardi Gras, I made some blueberry muffins for him.  I don't really like blueberry anything, but he keeps talking about how much he likes blueberry muffins, so I was trying the good wife thing.

Man, it's tough to be a good wife.

Anyway, I wrapped up the suckers in cling wrap and left them on the kitchen counter overnight.  I woke up to this...
Do you see it?  Some BAD KITTY had eaten the top off of THREE of David's six muffins!

I was so mad at that cat.  Now, Veronica is locked up at night, either in our bedroom or in the basement.  There will be NO cats on my kitchen counter.


I got over my anger.  I've moved on.  I am still a little mad at Veronica Breadbasket, but I'm just internalizing it. 


So, after feeding David a muffin and giving him his present (AN AWESOME BODY PILLOW!), I went on a run and let the poor baby sleep.  I even let him sleep while I went to church. 
Man, I am such a good wife, right?

David's a good husband too.  See what he bought me?
It's a white chocolate blackberry cluster from Godiva. 

Yummmm nummm nummm.

Don't worry... he didn't just buy me one.  But one is all that survived long enough for pictures :)
We're also going to an Erin Bode concert sometime in the spring.  I love Erin Bode!! 
And some 8 lb weights.  Because I asked for them.  I'm weird like that.
It's cool, last year I got a GPS/heart rate monitor for Valentine's Day.

We went to Kobe Steakhouse for dinner... and it was a blast.  We shared a table with the cutest family of 6.  Seriously, when we have kids, I hope they're half as well behaved as these ones. 
Happy Valentine's Day..only a few days late!

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