Friday, February 26, 2010


It's Friday, and I can totally feel it.  We had Book Club last night (and discussed A Catcher in the Rye) and I think I have a food hangover today.  Seriously, I didn't drink anything (because I still felt dehydrated from boot camp) but was STARVING.  So... yum yum yum, I ate.

I made Chocolate Popcorn, from a recipe that Martha shared with me.  It's good, but I probably can't make it for a while, because the majority of it went in my belly.  A girl has to taste test, right?


Anyway...  it's simple.

2 bags popcorn
3 squares almond bark.

Pop the popcorn.  Sift out the kernels (because ouch).  Melt the almond bark.  Pour over popcorn and mix.

Yum.  I actually did 3 squares of the "vanilla" flavored bark and 1 square of the "chocolate" flavored for good measure.

I thought it was heavenly.  And then I looked at the labels for the almond bark and realized that each square has 300 calories.

Now, I think it's sinful.


We're driving to KS tonight for the K-State/Mizzou basketball game.  Get excited!!

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