Monday, May 17, 2010


At length, I've talked about my hatred for the bushes in front of our house. 
For your memory, here they are... up close and personal last fall.
And, just for reference's sake, here's a picture of the house before David and I owned it.
Funny... they don't look so horrible in this shot.

Apparently, the previous owner was a little better at the landscaping thing than we are...look at the mulch! 
And flowers!

Eh.  I still hate the bushes.
This weekend, I managed to con my brother-in-law, Mike to "take a look" at my ugly plants.

He didn't hate them as much as I did...

But I still managed to convince him to dig them out for me.

Best day ever!

Notice the rest of the family men "helping" with their advice and opinions?  Even Liam....
It's so much better... even with just mud.

We still need to do some landscaping...but Mike's agreed to meet me at a nursery at some point and talk me through purchase.  Thank goodness, because I have no idea what I'm doing.

David and I did run to Lowes to pick up some grass seed for the new mud-filled area.

Once there, it was TOUGH not to invest in these beauties...

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