Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Sculpture Park

Tomorrow's the last day of work before summer break and I am SWAMPED!  
I'm trying to crank out last minute reports...but am waiting for data to come in.  
So...I've been working a lot from home this week :( Boo.
I will be a better blogger when I don't have to go to work.

On to the meat of my post:
Last weekend, the weather felt like summer for the first time since, well, last summer (I'm so clever). 
David had a class from 8-5 on Saturday, but I convinced him to trek outside with me on Sunday.

We went to the Sculpture Park.  

Mostly, because it's free.
And, as I told my mom last night, "We's poor."
I didn't tell my mom that in reference to the Sculpture Park, but the quote seems to fit.

I'll just stick in some pics... I don't really think you need a running commentary.
Ok, this last picture needs commentary.
It makes me sad.
Why?  This park is awesome and FREE.  Why deface signs?


Commentary done.

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