Wednesday, May 12, 2010

I joined a gym!


I quit my last gym when we moved to Affton and didn't join another one.  I kept putting it off...I like running more than anything else and convinced myself that a gym isn't necessary.  Plus, we're poor and I really liked not having that monthly fee.
In January, I started doing a bootcamp and realized that I really need to do cross training and more than just running.  After a few months of bootcamp I realized that I was spending more on my pseudo-personal training than I would on a gym membership (that included bootcamp-like classes)...then I started thinking that I really wanted to start swimming again.  In researching pools in the area, I realized that it would cost me a TON to swim this summer.

I bit the bullet and joined a gym.

And I am happy.  It's a pretty cheap, somewhat crappy gym, but it's EMPTY.  At 5:15, there were still half of the cardio machines free and all of the weights.  At 5:35, I was the ONLY PERSON in the pool.

Are you kidding me?  When I belonged to the Y, there would be 4 people in each lane of the pool.

AND there are fitness classes.  Included in the price.

The best part, can rent out the pool for birthday parties.  And I am plotting the best 30th birthday party for David, ever.

The parties include 4 pitchers of soda AND a t-shirt for the birthday boy!

This is happening.  Whether David wants it or not.

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