Thursday, May 27, 2010


It's the first day of summer break!  I am so happy.

I had plans to sleep in until 3pm...but, seriously, we all knew that wasn't going to happen. 
I'm not good at sleeping's something I'm working on.

Anyway, I got up early, went on a run, and decided to tackle our backyard.

You see, along our fence line, there's a ton of bushes and trees--none of which appear to be growing on purpose.  We've got tree-weeds.

So, I came outside, armed with a shovel and some hedge shears.

After an hour, I had this.
Better...but not done.  
I realized that I needed to buy a saw or hatchet or something more powerful than my shears.
On a side note, I am ashamed of Maggie.  I spent a long time outside working on things.  I invited Maggie out with me...but she chose to sit in the basement doorway instead.

Come on, Roo.

The hacksaw was amazing.

Look at all my debris!

 Maggie was mad at me for making fun of her.
She sure showed me.
Doesn't it look better?
Tomorrow... I'm going to try to dig up some of the roots and make it even better.
I'm also going to try to figure out why some previous owner planted random rocks and bricks in the yard.

Maggie and I made she wanted to show off the pile of debris!

Wish me luck tomorrow!

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