Monday, May 31, 2010

Memorial Day!

We had a great Memorial Day weekend!  The weather was beautiful and we got to go to our friends'-Clint and Jen's-wedding reception in Topeka.
Clint was my older brother's roommate at K-State...but then he and I both got Masters at Wash U and ended up hanging out.  He and his wife, Jen, got married in Key West.
The reception was a hoot--Clint's father is Jewish so they did the traditional wedding dance on chairs.
I think getting to carry Clint around might have been Kyle's happiest moment to date.

On an aside, I am very proud of how well David and I cleaned up for the event.
Kyle was a little too busy texting to pose for my silly pictures.

Luckily, he pulled it out in the end.
Actually, Kyle and Cher moved to Kansas City (from Providence) the day of the wedding--I was really impressed that Cher was organized enough to look stellar at the reception.  
She was even social...despite her warning me at the start that she might not be :)
David found a Missouri flag outside.
I'm a sucker and took his picture.

Sunday we hung out with the parents.
Maggie got to go for a swim at the family pond.  She STUNK to high heaven, but that was my holiday present to her.  

Normally, Maggie doesn't get presents... so I was proud of myself for being a good fur-baby-momma.
Then we went to the Melvern Lake swimming beach.
Mom and I got a sunburn.  David got pooped on by a bird.
Dad napped on the ground.

It was a great weekend--we were busy but relaxed.  I even managed to run a total of 20 miles over the three days--how about that?  I did 10 miles on Saturday, 4 on Sunday, and 6 today.

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