Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Biggest Loser=Daris.

It's no secret.  I watch The Biggest Loser.

It's the ONLY reality show I watch.  Really.   But I love it.

I especially love this part of the season, when it's all inspirational and less horrifying people with "how you're killing yourself" stats.  I even tear up a little bit, sometimes.

It's shameful, but I do.

Anyway, last night I got more than a little misty--they were running a marathon!  I did that too!  Yay Biggest Losers!

Logistics, however, annoyed me.  I spent 18 weeks in HARD training before I ran my marathon (I only know that because I'm gearing to run another and am trying to figure start dates).  These people were home for a month.  I know that they've spent 6 months conditioning themselves...but the "month we were at home" montage didn't really let you know what they were doing to prepare for the race.  It just gave the impression these (albeit amazing) people showed up and ran for 6 hours.

Well, except for Daris.  Just over 4 hours!  He is amazing.  I have a secret crush on him.

Click here to look at him--He's got red hair! I love red hair!  And he was goofy enough to get Lyle Lovett hair in the makeover.  Swoon.

Note: the things I like about him seem to mirror traits in David.  Hmmm

Back to the marathon: they also didn't show water stops or fueling.  Where was the Gu?  I use Skittles...but everyone has to use something, right?!  Reality, NBC.

My biggest complaint was how Jillian and Bob treated Daris when he gained 2 lbs.  Apparently, they think it's crazy to gain weight while training for a marathon...jerks.  I believe Daris.  (Even if he was eating "all night").  If you're training for speed and endurance, you need to eat.  I gained 6 lbs when training for my marathon--because I was starving and trying to listen to my body.  It's actually INCREDIBLE NORMAL to gain weight when training for a race.

Geesh.  Be nice to Daris.

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