Thursday, February 17, 2011

Cloth Diapers

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I've been kicking around the ideas of cloth diapers since before I got knocked up...and the more I read, the more I'm sold on it.

The main reason: I'm incredibly cheap.

Other reasons: good for the environment, less wasteful, cute, I don't mind laundry...
Plus, poo goes down the drain, not in the garbage.  Even in the garage, poo smells when stored for a week.
And, I'm REALLY cheap.

Luckily, my friend Martha's sister has done cloth diapering in the past and was kind enough to send me some to inspect.

Yep, I got a package of used diapers...and I was thrilled!

I even took a picture of them next to the Valentine's flowers.

After looking at them, I think I picked a winner... I really like the Bum Genious 4.0.
It'll accommodate babies 7-35 pounds (so we might need to use disposables with a newborn) and has a velcro closure, which seems a lot easier than snaps.

I got even more excited when I realized that I could REGISTER for them at Babies R Us!  
How great is that?

I also found a spot where you can rent new born sizes of diapers for the first two months...
It might be cheaper to regular diaper for that short period of time.

Now, I just need to convince David that this is a good plan.


  1. You can get bumgenius at Babies r us?? No I'm excited!!!

  2. Well, online...but at least I could add them to the registry!

  3. I used cloth with Hailey for about 6 wks. Only stoped as I went back to the home daycare service and we started traveling to Omaha to see grandparents ever couple of weeks. Won't have done it any different. Back then it was the old fashion diaper pins. They became Daves gun cleaning rags later!!