Wednesday, February 16, 2011


 David and I have an appointment with the OB on Friday...and we're supposed find out the gender!

How excited are we?

Pretty darn excited...mostly so I can start buying things. 
I love shopping.

At work, one of the ladies said she was going to start bets around the gender... which sparked me to write David this email.

Me: I think you should start a pool with your buddies on the gender of the baby-- wouldn't that be fun?

David: A poll or a pool????   It is kind of hard to have a pool just for the gender, bosky….it is a 50/50 shot!  Although I like that you’ve got a gambling-oriented mind about it!!

Me: I have no idea.  But I like the idea of people betting.

David: You can’t.  Baby pools are for picking date, weight, etc where there are lots of options.  Picking gender where it’s a coin flip makes it impossible.

So... it looks like the gender thing won't be a betting matter.  
If you want to place your vote on what we're having, go ahead and write a comment.  
If you want to wager money... I don't know how to do that.  Figure it out, and I'm game.
I'll probably announce sometime Friday or Saturday.  

Maybe we'll do a formal pool for date, weight, etc.  
Maybe it can surround a BBQ.  
I love BBQ.

In other news, I decided to embrace my bump/gut today for work.  
It's the first day I've worn maternity pants, so I felt slightly more comfortable wearing a tight shirt... 
I didn't have that weird area where the rubber band was showing.

As you can see, I look a little nervous about this.  
I woke up David and made him tell me it wasn't obscene and was work appropriate.

He said it was, but I wasn't entirely convinced... especially considering I see this when I look down. 
On the way to work, I chanted, "I look cute.  I do not look like a troll doll," to calm my nerves.
It helped a little bit.


  1. you are super cute!!! ...and crazy..

  2. My sister and brother-in-law did a basketball bracket with names! Each week, they narrowed the bracket down one level. Final 4 was tough! And hey, it's about that time! -Final 4, that is! The winner got 50% and they donated the other half to March of Dimes (I think, or they may just pocketed it! I really don't know now that I think about it).
    You are totally cute, Darcie! Embrace it! People will tell you you glow no matter what! :) Best of luck!
    Laura Wiechert