Monday, February 28, 2011


This past weekend, David convinced me that it was VITAL for us to go to the K-State Mizzou basketball game.
I conceded, mostly because I've been craving some Buzzard's pizza, and a trip to Kansas almost certainly guarantees that.
Notice that both of us are smiling.
It was before K-State stomped Mizzou.

Go Cats!

Moving on... on the way out of Manhattan, David and I stopped at Call Hall for ice cream.

Seriously, that's the world's best ice cream.  They milk the cows and make the ice cream on site.


When we got back to the parents, we went out for ribs with Kyle, Cher, and Grant....
and then on the way home I got to meet my new nephew, Kevin!
I think I'm in love.

Here's Kevin with his proud father.
He's currently the largest puppy in the litter, prompting the family that bred him to nickname him Vito.

I freaked Cher out by telling her that Maggie was also the largest of the litter :)

The next morning, David and I headed back to St. Louis, but got to stop at his grandparents and go out to lunch with them.

All-around, a good weekend.

In other news, Saturday marked the 20-week mark of my pregnancy.

Half way done!!!!

In honor of this, I conned Mom into taking belly shots.
Shirt down...
Shirt up!

And, for comparison, here's the 8-week belly.
Oh 8 week belly, I miss you .

You were kind of cute.

This week, the Cactus is the size of a cantelope...
Yep, that is inside of me.


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