Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Law School Prom

On Saturday, before Snow-magedon hit, we attended Law School Prom.  Other people call it Barrister's Ball...but to me it'll always be prom with an open bar.

I wore the same dress I wore to Uncle Sam's inaugural ball-- thank God the $17 wonder still fits.

Here we are, all fancied up.

And as close to a full-body shot as I managed to get.
The first thing I notice in this are my knockers.
Cheese and Rice.
This is getting obscene.
I'm going to start wearing a dickey or a turtleneck underneath everything.
From the boobs down, I don't think I'm showing, all that much.  
A few people said that I didn't even look pregnant...
but three people did grab my gut.  
In my head it was kind of like the scene from Crocodile Dundee II (where he goes to New York) where Mick "checks" the cross dresser to prove to himself that it's a boy and not a girl.  
At this stage, I feel like people are checking that this baby thing isn't an elaborate ruse.

Anyway...Law School Prom was head at the Fox Theater, which was really amazing.  The Fox is an old movie theater (from the 1920's, I believe) that's absolutely stunning.  
The coolest part was that the dance floor was on the stage. 

Seriously, I got to dance on the same stage where I watched Wicked, Jim Gaffigan, Sheryl Crow, Billy Crystal, Flight of the Conchords, Legally Blonde, ZZ Top and others I can't remember preform.
How cool is that???

 I had a blast at this year's prom, even if I was sober.
I think I'm getting used to this whole sober thing.

Oh!  Also, one of David's classmates informed me she reads the blog!  
I was thrilled, especially when she quoted the blog... Hi, Nellie!

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