Saturday, February 19, 2011


Since we know Baby Brady is a boy, I think it's time the little guy got a nickname.

David's taken to referring to him as Sherwood.  No sir.  Mostly because David wants to name him Sherwood and I DO NOT want that to happy.  I'm worried that if I give an inch and refer to him as Sherwood now, it's going to blow up in my face.

We haven't decided on the actual name yet... but we'll probably keep that a secret until he's born, just because I wouldn't deal with critiques very well.  I'm a little too hormonal/emotional to hear what people think of the names I like :)

So... what should we call the little guy before he arrives?  Give me your suggestions!


  1. Darcie, How about Red?

  2. Cletus! Here are the unseen advantages. Rhymes with fetus, will in almost total certainty not be his name, and, well, I guess there are only two advantages but they are both pretty good.

  3. Justin Bieber.

  4. When Dave and I had our sonigram with Hailey and found out she she was a girl the tech wanted to know if we had a name picked out so she could print it on the printout. We didn't but told her about how all of our dogs had human names and my parents had made a joke out of what we would name our "2 legged" child. Hailey's nickname before we decided upon her name was "Spot"! Spot was typed on the printout and I mailed it to mom & dad in a frame!!!