Monday, February 7, 2011


David and I had a nice little weekend.  After my three days in prison, I FINALLY went back to work on Friday.
Praise the Lord.  
I am so far behind.

Anyway, Friday night we went over to our friends Martha and Nick's house for a dinner party.  It was great--I so needed to see people.  My friend Rochelle was actually due to have her baby on Friday, but he wasn't ready to come out yet, so we got to see her in all her glory.
She gave me some maternity clothes--including some workout pants.  They are amazing.  
I ordered another pair, because I love these.

Saturday we woke up to another 4 inches or so of snow.

David was my hero and shoveled it for me.

I was furious, but David and I still went out running errands.
David went to Columbia for the game but I chose to stay in St. Louis.
I'm very exciting.

Yesterday, I taught Sunday School and then David and I ran out to St. Charles so his sister, Danna, could help me with my baby registry.  I'm so glad--I had no idea what I was doing and I hate having to store a bunch of unnecessary gizmos.

Plus, we got to hang out with Liam. 

I really wanted to buy him this hat...but he wouldn't let me.


Sunday night, we went over to some friends of David's to watch the game.  It was a good time, but I was a little sad that I missed the commercials.  Turns out the group of guys was way more interested in the game than the commercials.  Go figure :)

Oh!  Over the snow day, I made a design decision.  My mom has agreed to help me paint the nursery AND our living/dining room when she comes to visit over my spring break. 
After consulting/stalking Young House Love, I have inspiration pieces.
Clearly, I'm not a super photographer, but I'm thinking sagey green, yellows, blues, and browns.


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  1. is that a table cloth from Target? I keep trying to convince Nick to buy it b/c I love it but he isn't convinced...maybe when we buy a house :)