Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Clothing Drama

Getting dressed requires a lot more thought... I'm not able to just throw on clothes and run out the door---because my "regular" clothing is rapidly not fitting.

For instance, I thought I might wear the following dress yesterday for a meeting where I was presenting...
I thought it might be fine since it had an elastic waist that is normally pretty flattering on me... flattering because it usually hits at the narrowest part of my waist.
I'm glad I tried it on the night before...because it looked like I was trying to smuggle a honeydew.  And the tightness of my dress in the front does not make my boo-tay look nice.  It  makes me look like a troll doll.
And the short-ish dress got inappropriately short because of fabric stuck out front.

I decided not to wear this dress.  

I don't think I'm destined to be one of those cute preggo women who display the bump proudly.  
Maybe it's because of my years as a big girl--I feel SUPER uncomfortable of clothing that draws attention to bumps or rolls on my body.

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