Tuesday, February 1, 2011


 The world is freaking out.  On Sunday afternoon, I went to the Lake of the Ozarks for a conference that was supposed to last through Tuesday.  David freaked out about the weather and, apparently my boss's wife did as well...because we made the decision to leave the conference at 11 am on Monday.  The hotel informed us that we needed to check out by 11 to avoid paying for Monday night AND if we stayed Monday we should expect to stay through Thursday.

So we drove back to St. Louis, arriving home a scant 22 hours after leaving.  I went to the grocery store for a few essentials (read: bacon and a rice krispie treat) and then Blockbuster.  

School for Parkway was canceled at 8pm last night AND about 4pm today for tomorrow.  In an effort to keep myself from going crazy, I started sewing.

Today I made... a maternity dress!

I got the fabric on the bottom in a clearance back (for $5 for the bolt...so this is probably $2.50 of fabric) and the top is a bra from Gordman's.  Total dress cost: $6.50.

I think it'll work for maternity wear...

I hope my belly never looks like this basketball, though!


  1. the top of your dress is a bra? still cute ;) nice work crafty friend.

  2. yay for a bra dress...I still need to make one!