Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Nursery... Update!

After finding out that our little sprout is a BOY, 
I felt like it was time to go fabric shopping.

Plus, I had a coupon.  I love it when the stars align.

I only ended up buying one piece, but here are my colors.
Yeah, the lighting stinks... I should probably learn more about photography before the tinkler arrives.
These colors aren't "true" but you get the gist.
Here's my inspiration piece... photographed at home.
Ann Kelle Urban Zoology Cheery Owls Blue (1/2 Yard)
Here's a website shot.

Reality is somewhere in between.

I love the blues, greens, and yellows, but I'm not 100% I'll actually use THIS fabric in the nursery, because the backdrop is off-white.
I have a weird thing about off-white and white together. 
It bothers me.
Don't worry-- I only bought a fat quarter of the fabric.  So I'm just out a buck.

Here's the fabric I plan on using for the bed skirt.  
It actually matches the greens and blues (seriously, both) incredibly well.
It was amazing.  And cheap.

The orange fabric is actually a wet bag that 
I plan on using to store the dirty diapers. 
It'll probably be inside of something, but I like it.

Unless I can find some super-cheap yellow fabric, 
I might just buy some sheets. 
 I was on the look-out for fabric, but nothing was catching my eye.  
I don't want to do much pattern, since the bed skirt will be pretty busy.

Next step... CURTAINS!

The world is my oyster.

Oh and the idea of calling the baby Justin Bieber REALLY freaks David out for some reason.  
He's suggesting Cactus or Tex.

I bargained and the baby will still be called Baby Bieber...
 when David's out of ear shot.

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