Tuesday, February 22, 2011

President's Day Weekend

I had a glorious weekend!  I didn't have work on Monday and we didn't have any formal plans all weekend--which was amazing.  I feel like we've been over-scheduling ourselves lately, and it was nice to go with the flow.

Friday, David and I went out to dinner with his friend Bob.  We went to Syberg's, which remains one of my favorite restaurants in our area.  
Chicken Wings!!!

Saturday, I got some things done around the house, ran some errands, and then met up with my buddy Jess for a run.  We ran from her house...along a route that I used to use a ton when I lived in that neighborhood--it was awesome to run around Francis Park again.  Then we got pedicures.  I SO needed a pedicure.  My hooves are slightly less unattractive now :)  
David and I had a nice dinner at a new place--Pizzeria Tivoli.  I was pleasantly surprised that I enjoyed it, because most new places we've tried have been NASTY.  Yay for a new restaurant!

Sunday I went to church and then met up with Erin and Khadra for lunch.
I love these girls.  
They were my first non-school friends when I moved to St. Louis--they both worked at the Institute, where my first practicum placement was.
Erin got engaged the night before, so it was great timing--
we got to see her beautiful ring!

After lunch and a bit of digestion, I went on a run.  It was a STUNNING day outside, and I ended up running  8 MILES, my longest run in a LONG time. 

It was super slow, but I was so proud of myself.
Of course, David freaked out when I told him how long my run was...
but I felt good. So David can be quiet :)

Yesterday, I got up and ran some errands...one of which was to The Purple Cow, a kids/consignment store. 
I found a HAUL of clothes--three shirts, two pairs of shorts, and a pair of capris for right around $40.
I was thrilled--and I've decided that Baby Brady is totally wearing used clothing for his entire childhood. 
Yay for clothes!

Last night, David's intramural basketball team played their second game of the season...and the little guy was kicking up a storm.  I'm not sure if he was happy to be at a basketball game (with all the noise) and thrilled about the smoothie I was enjoying.  I think we're going to going to go with he was proud of his dad for hitting all those threes :)  At any rate, I'm excited that I can feel the little guy!

Also... I've been getting TONS of suggestions for a baby nickname.  
Thank you!
Of the suggestions, one was Justin Bieber.
Totally made me laugh out loud!


  1. YES! please name your fetus Justin Bieber!! :)

  2. Haha...I think Justin Bieber would be the perfect nickname :) As far as consignment shopping...it is definitely the way to go for baby clothes...they are in them for such a short amount of time it is painful to pay full price for them!