Monday, March 1, 2010

K-State WINS!

David and I had a great weekend...we went to Kansas!

I like going to Kansas.  

After I got off work on Friday and David finished his cite check, we loaded up Maggie Roobearski and headed off to the parent's house.  Once we arrived, they showered us with Buzzard's Pizza AND beer.  It was the Friday night I needed.

Saturday morning, we headed over to the clinic to hang out.  Maggie got a MUCH NEEDED bath (seriously, I think she rolled in something dead.  She was RANK.) and then we hung out with some puppies.
Doesn't Maggie look thrilled here?  I think her maternal instincts are kicking in...
too bad she's been spayed.  My poor, barren baby.
The beagle puppy is traveling to Seattle with Mom next weekend and the boxer is a random dog that just happened to be at the clinic.  That's the perk of having a dad who is a veterinarian--there are always random puppies to play with.  I tried really hard to get Dad to tell the boxer's owners that she ran away or something so that I could take her home, but no luck.  Dad seems to think that would be bad for business.

Don't you think Maggie needs some friends?

After the clinic closed, I went on a run while Mom walked.  I did my 10-miler in a fantastic pace for a long run--8:42/mile.  I was thrilled!  At this rate, I'm on-track to do a sub-two half, no problem.

Then we drove to Manhattan (I almost typed Man-happiness, just like I used to in college) so that Dad and David could go to the K-State/Mizzou basketball game.  David had never been in Bramlage before (otherwise known as the Octagon of Doom), so it was a nice dude-outing for both Dad and David.  We ate a yummy dinner in Aggieville before dropping them off...then Mom and I did some shopping.  
It was a perfect day! K-State won (David almost cried) and I got to shop.  Yay!!

Sunday, I woke up early and did a quick run...I actually managed to get my BEST pace ever for a 4 mile run--it was 7:34/mile.  

Yes, that's right.


I was so proud of myself that I left my Garmin on and showed everyone.  For some reason, I worried that they wouldn't believe me... they did, but a little insurance doesn't hurt :) 

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  1. oh my goodness those puppies are SO CUTE!

    And bravo on your speedy times!!