Tuesday, June 1, 2010

May/June Goals

Let's see how I did on May's goals... I'm not going to color code, since that was really hard to read last month :)
1.  Keep working out 6 days a week
Success!  Done and done!
2. Branch out exercise to more than just running...find summer activities to get outside.
I joined a gym and have been swimming and running.  I'm also on two softball leagues, so this is a win!
3. Find/register for fall running event...because if I pay, then I'm committed
Ummmm....not done yet.  Need to pay.  Boo me.
4. Make a real dinner 3 nights a week...not just cottage cheese and crackers...this might be tough with our twice weekly softball games, but I can make it happen.
I think I've got this.  Turns out we're really only home 3ish nights a week, but we're good about not eating out.
5. Rip out ugly bushes in front yard and make the front porch pretty.  I hate you bushes.  I will dig you out if it kills me.
6. Walk Maggie 5 days a week. She really does love her poop walks.
Maggie and I just returned from a walk...and we're solid on at least 5 days a week.
7.  Try to get Maggie (and me, while I'm at it) to drop 5 lbs. I weighed myself today, so now I have to report.  Yikes!
Ummmm... I'm maintaining.  Maggie is too.  No losses here, though :(
8. Join a gym.  After months of saying that it's too expensive, I figured out how much I spend on my random boot camps and realized that it would actually be cheaper to join a gym and go to free classes.  Plus, I want to swim again.
WIN!  I joined!  WIN!
9.  Make concrete plans to re-do the kitchen.  School's out May 26th and I want to hit the ground running on my summer projects.
I'm halfway here.  I know all my color schemes and have even convinced guys I work with to do a lot of the work (for the price of beer, no less!)...but I'm hesitant to go shopping yet.  We're going to use our tax refund to pay for the work, but the government has not been speedy about coughing up the dough.  Seriously, we're going on 4 months of waiting.  Ugh.
10.  Sterilize the clean up the bloodbath in the basement.  See yesterday's post for gory details.
David cleaned the basement.  I'm still horrified by it.
11.  Fresh produce!!  Hit farmer's market at least twice this month.
I went down there three times this month!  We're in produce city around here!

All in all, it looks like I successfully did 8 out of my 11 goals...not bad.  

For June, these are my goals.

1.  Keep working out 6 days a week...this time building in strength training.
2. Find/register for fall running event...no more excuses.
3. Keep making a real dinner 3 nights a week.
4. Continue to walk Maggie 5 days a week. The heat's hard for her, so we're going to aim for early morning or late evening here.
5.  IF/WHEN the tax return comes, re-do the kitchen.  
6. Plant a garden.  I want my produce from the back yard.
7. Figure out how to lay concrete pavers next to the side door---because we need a place to put a grill.
8. Deep clean the house.  DEEP CLEAN.

Wish me luck... happy June!

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