Monday, January 31, 2011

Jogging Strollers

So I've been researching jogging strollers.  I typically find that the reviews aren't exactly helpful because lots of people love and hate all the options.  

I found one, however, that seemed AWESOME.  It has amazing reviews and converts to a bike trailer.
Check it out.
Source--go here to see the bike version.
Being overly frugal, I started to think this was a great option.  I already had a bike trailer on my wish list, and if I could get something that multi-tasks, so much the better.

I did another quick online search to price it out...I found it at Amazon.  


I burst out laughing.

Oh awesome jogging stroller/bike trailer...I will never own you.  You sound amazing, but that's WAAAAAY out of my price range.


  1. I've pushed an $800 double stroller a few times. While nice; not worth 10x what I paid for a sit-n-stand second hand. There's some wacky gear out there. Unsolicited offer and advice - don't skimp on carseats and if there's something you don't mind third-hand I'm in the process of unloading.

  2. My sister has a Revolution Bob. It is amazing!