Tuesday, March 23, 2010

12 miles done!

Before getting sick, I successfully completed my last long run before the half marathon on Saturday...
...now it's time for the taper.

I love the taper.  It's my favorite part of running.

You know, running less. :)

I wanted to show you guys this really cool thing that happens when I run a long ways.  My sweat dries all funny on my face and just leaves a salt crust.  You might have to click on the picture to make it bigger (does that work in blogger?  I have no idea), but you can totally see the salty sweaty monster I was after the run.

Also, check out my new headband.  I love it!
I usually HATE head bands, especially while running because they never seem to stay put or do what I want them to do.  This one (from www.sweatybands.com ) didn't move once during the 12 mile run.  I never had to touch it!  AMAZING!

Yeah, it was a little pricey...I bought it on impulse while buying a pair of running shoes and didn't realize how much it cost until looking at my receipt in the car.  Yipes.  However, totally worth every stinking penny.

If only I could afford 100 more.

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