Friday, March 19, 2010

Spring Break...going out with a bang

This week is March Madness, and anyone that knows my husband knows that this is VERY VERY IMPORTANT.  Actually, Mizzou is playing as I type and I am avoiding the basement.  
It's a little much for me.

Anyway, since today is the last official weekday of my spring break, I talked David (and Brett, our basketball-driven houseguest) into doing something, anything with me before the games started at 11.

I decided that we needed to hit up the batting cages.  
David and I will be on a softball league (or two, maybe) this summer, and I'm all about no embarrassing myself if at all possible.  Plus, it was a dude friendly suggestion.
I look ready to dominate the balls.  David looks silly.
But not as silly as Brett!

Ha... that hat is too small.

Anyway, I managed to hold my own with the boys...for the first 4 pitches.  Then I popped one up and then tripped on the ball while swinging for number 5.  Ooops.  David had a panic attack.  Apparently, it's not safe to be collapsed on the ground in a batting cage when you still have 15 more pitches and no way to stop them. Oh yeah, and I had David's glasses in my pocket...and then they fell on the ground.

David was screaming.

I told David that we could never have kids if he's going to freak out like that about every little thing.

David agreed.
(that's a joke, everyone.  Calm down.)

All said, I got out with only minor scrapes...
See the little dot on my ankle?  

Do you know how hard it is to take a picture of your own ankle?

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  1. I would have paid upwards of $3 to see you do this at the batting cage! I'm still laughing. ;)