Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Kitchen Painting

I want to paint my kitchen.

Terribly....but I don't just want to paint the walls, I want to paint the cabinets, backsplash, AND laminate countertop.  I've done some internet research...and apparently that's all possible.

Scary, but possible.

I also want new flooring.

Of course, I don't want to pay for any of this....but I can dream about colors.

Here's what the kitchen looks like right now.
Oh, hello Maggie.  

Here is my dream color scheme....ignore the horrible job of line drawing.  I am no graphic designer!
White cabinets, dove grey counters and backsplash, charcoal grey floors and lavender grey walls.
I also want to use a deeper, coordinating purple/lavender for our baker's rack (it's on the other wall) and as an accent color--meaning I would paint the wooden knife block and that inspire sign the accent color.

Thoughts?  Think I can pull it off???  I don't work in the summer...so in theory it could take 2 months of full time work and not make me murder anyone.

Except I wouldn't be able to cook.  And that would stink!


  1. Well, as someone who purchased a home with wooden cabinets painted white, it does look pretty, but if you do a shotty job it's obviously and ugly. Do all your prep work and take your time, don't get sloppy ;)

    As for painting countertops and back splashes that's a little too much for me and seems like it might look like crap ;) do you really want to cook/roll out dough on a painted surface?

  2. oh I forgot to say i like the color scheme you are going with ;)

  3. Thanks for the advice, Erin.... maybe you'll come to St. Louis and help? I pay in beer & pizza. And maybe trips to Cardinals games :)

    Right now, I think I'm going to try painting the countertops with the understanding that I might need to replace them. Since we're getting the floors done, we might do both at once.

    Apparently, though... painting countertops isn't that big of a deal. http://www.hgtv.com/home-improvement/painting-your-countertops-for-a-new-look/index.html Plus, I know people that have done with with minimal drama.