Friday, March 26, 2010

Elite Eight!

It's no secret to anyone that I am indifferent, at best, to most sports.  I enjoy going to games, but purely for the social aspect.  If I were allowed to tailgate and promptly go home once a game started, I would be a happy woman.  I've found that my disinterest stems mostly from the fact that other people are interested in the game we're watching and refuse chatter with me or otherwise goof off during games.  Seriously, who goes to games to watch them?  

The only shining spot in my sports watching history is baseball... I've found that no one really watches baseball.  The most avid fan will be focusing on the game 7-8 minutes at most.

I love going to baseball games.

Last night, however, I watched an ENTIRE basketball game.  


Did you see K-State play last night?  Even I was excited--double overtime is nothing to sneeze at.  It was like someone at Buffalo Wild Wings was rooting for some overtime (joke courtesy of Erin Garrett's facebook wall)

I have to say, though, credit must go where credit is due... if I hadn't married a man who so completely loves sporting events, I probably wouldn't have turned on the game, much less stayed up until past 11:30.

Because, seriously, I get up at 5:30.  I'm cranky on too little sleep.

My absolute favorite moment of the game was when they showed Frank Martin talking to the team in the locker room... he called their offense both "selfish" and "silly."  When a man who looks like this
most of the time uses the word "silly" twice during one pep talk, you know he's HIGHLY aware a camera is on his face.

Silly, silly offense.

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