Thursday, March 25, 2010

Drugging the Roo-Bear

My baby girl has an issue.
She's a snorer...and it's getting WAAAAAAY worse every single night.

I called Dad.  He says it's because all of her fat is smooshing her breathing passages.  
His solution: drop the chub.
I told her that.  And she looked at me with these big pretty eyes.

So I gave her a treat for being pretty.

After that fiasco, I called Dad back and said I needed a short-term solution.  

Now, Maggie gets half a tab of benadryl every single night.  The only issue is that I have to sprinkle the pills on a bit of peanut butter.  I think she's put on a few more pound-o's since we've started.

However, when Maggie's drugged, she's hilarious.  Wandering around with lidded eyes, if she was more lethargic, I would wonder if she had died.

But, man, it stops her snoring. 


  1. does this mean she has to run more with you? she's not gonna like that, is she? poor fat baby.

  2. No, it means she's not allowed to run, per Dad. Apparently, that can give her arthritis. I don't know how dog bone joints work, but that seems like a crappy excuse if I've ever heard one.