Tuesday, March 16, 2010

St. Pat's Run

This Saturday, I ran the St. Patrick's Day race with my friend Lesli 
(her husband, Brett, went to high school with David).
Look how cute we are before the race!  
It was a rainy Saturday, but not terribly cold.  It was a nice change from the race the year before...
I love this race...11,000 people ran it.  That makes for some awesome people watching.
There were a bunch of guys wearing green boxers while they were running...and I sprinted ahead of Lesli to take their picture.  Sad, though, cause I can't find them in the picture.
Looky, a man in a kilt.  Brrrrrr!

Most amazingly, there was a group of people PUSHING a keg in a shopping cart.
Somehow, people were managing to do MOVING keg stands.

That amazes me.  Even in college, I couldn't master a keg stand that was stationary.  These people did them in the morning, while running 5 miles.

Nothing but impressed here.

I kind of wish I was the girl who got to ride on the cart.  No gonna lie.
Lesli finishes the race!!!!

We finished in just under an hour.  I had a blast running it with Lesli--it was her first race ever and she was happy to have finished.  It was really cool to run a race to motivate someone else and not trying to beat the clock on PR from last year's race.  A couple of times she told me to go on and she would catch up, but I think one of the main rules of running is that you don't leave someone behind when you've agreed to run with them, right?

Plus, I had run my 11-miler on Friday and was still sore.

I think we look just as cute after the race as before.

I think I've been watching too much wrestling :)

Later that night, I went to my friend Jen's bachelorette party...where we took a pole dancing class.  
Sadly, horribly, I left my camera memory card in my computer :(  Other girls promised they would send on pictures...so a post will wait until those trickle in.  It was a blast!!

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