Monday, March 8, 2010

South Broadway Athletic Club, I love you.

On Saturday, David and I returned to the site of our wedding reception, South Broadway Athletic Club.

We didn't go back to renew our wedding vows or dance the night away...nope, we went to see a bout of professional wrestling.

So much fun.  

I'm not normally into professional wrestling, but I always love a spectacle.  

And this place is nothing if not a spectacle.  The crowd was like a constant stream of People of Wal-mart.  
And I got my picture taken with Moon Dog.
Here's Moon Dog fighting The Lumberjack...
Here's Moon Dog's crack...
Later in the night, Moon Dog totally made The Lumberjack bleed in the head with that bone.
Seriously--that's not fake.
Or it's at least super convincing fake.


Earlier in the night, we saw Jaysin Static fight some guy who apparently escaped from a mental institution.

Very Shutter Island, huh?
I only remember the little guy's name is Jaysin Static because it was written on his shirt.
Then, on Sunday... I saw him at Target!!!!  

I was too in awe to approach him.  He had a baby and two girls... that's super stardom!

In the next match, Johnny Courageous battled Purple Passion, who apparently represented gay men. 
You know, because he was dressed in tattered purple sweatpants.  The go-to outfit for all gay men.
The crowd chanted USA, because Johnny Courageous wore American underpants.

And that's how you heckle gay purple-sweat-suited men.

So many things wrong about all of those sentences.  So many.

Up next, Gorgeous Gary fought The Future.
The Future was HUGE!  Gary was apparently very upset about looking like a little guy.
Ahhh.  Ref/Ump, whatever the guy with the whistle is called.
Glad he was nice to little girls.

This is David's favorite picture... 
He loves The Lumberjacks.  

My loyalty remains with Moon Dog.
I'm swooning.

After wrestling wrapped up, we decided to check out the new casino they built in South County.
Did you hear that, Grandma??  They BUILT a casino 7 minutes from my house.

Penny slots galore!

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