Thursday, March 18, 2010

Hair hair hair

It's spring break!  And I've been cleaning like crazy....during my cleaning and organizing I have found TONS of Maggie hair.

TONS... it's a little overwhelming.  I'm guessing she's shedding because it's time to loose her winter coat.  Dad informs me she's shedding because she's a lab and that's what they do.

Boo Maggie, Boo.

At any rate, David and I decided to clean the floors last night... and I panicked because I figured Maggie would just flithify them immediately.  So we drove to Petsmart and bought the poor man's version of the Furminator.  I forget what it's called--it's liked buying Always Save Cheese Curls instead of Cheet-os. 

I'm totally not above Always Save.

After Always-Save-Furminatoring Maggie, we were left with this pile of hair.

I placed a pen next to it to give you a frame of reference.


That's a lot of hair.

The whole process made her miserable, so David gave her a hug.
Yeah, she hated that too.

Anyway, today I forced her to go to the local U-DO-IT dog washing station and bathed her, scrubbing her hard with the NAME BRAND FURMINATOR bath accessory.  Don't worry, I was too cheap to buy this.  Mom and Dad scored this for me at a trade show.  Huzzah!

On a side note, I love the U-Do-It Dog Wash.  They provide the tubs, towels, soap, and tethering lines.  You have to bathe the dog, but it's a far better option than trying to load 106lbs of dog in my tub, hoping she doesn't pull off the shower curtain, dripping water through the whole house, and clogging up my drains.  

Maggie, however, hates the whole day.  I tried to blow dry her, but she FREAKED out and almost choked herself.  I'm guessing the blow dryer is a little too close to a vacuum for her peace of mind.

Oh well... she got to play with her bear when we got home.

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