Friday, June 4, 2010

Al Foster Trail/Marathon Decision Making

Yesterday morning I met my friend Susan for a run on Al Foster trail.  I had never been out on this trail, which runs alongside the Meramec it was a nice change of pace to run out here.

Plus, Susan and I don't have to go to work.  Score!
It was a pretty trail-- with trees and bridges and mosquitoes.  I think next time I'll pack some bug spray :)

There was even a little train track that ran parallel to the path for a while... I think they have train rides on Sundays.  How cute is that?

Since I'm a dork that took my camera along on a run, I forced Susan to take a picture with me.

Luckily, Susan's a good sport AND used to my nerdiness.

We're going to try to run together about once a week and explore other trails in the area.  Any suggestions?

On another note, I'm still trying to decide what marathon to run in the fall.

Here are the three finalists....
  1. Raleigh City of Oaks Marathon
    • November 7th
    • $60 registration
    • Average race temp--55 degrees
      • Thoughts
        • On my birthday!
        • Never been to Raleigh--could see my friend Mary
        • Good running temperature
        • I could see my darling friend Mary.  I miss Mary.
        • Travel would be expensive--we would have to fly
  2. Indianapolis Monumental Marathon 
    • November 6th
    • $60
    • Average race temp--mid 50's
      • Thoughts
        • On birthday weekend, but I wouldn't be running on my birthday
        • Apparently, Indianapolis is a nice city, but I'm as excited about it as other cities.
        • Close enough to drive
        • Good running temperature
  3. St. Jude Memphis Marathon
    • December 4th
    • $85 registration
    • Average race temp--56 degrees
      • Thoughts
        • Never been to Memphis as an adult, but have as a child
        • Might be during David's final's...and that would suck
        • $$ goes to charity. I like that.
        • Good running temperature
        • Training for a race in December would be WAY better than for a race in far as avoiding long hot runs.
        • We could drive there.
        • Apparently, this one sells out, so I would actually have to make a decision
        • Most expensive
Can someone help me make a decision?  I am a classic hemmer and hawer.

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