Wednesday, June 9, 2010


My friends from the Peace Corps, Nick and Shireen, were driving through St. Louis the other day and spent the night with David and me.

It was great to see them!  I hadn't seen them since my wedding...and there wasn't a ton of time to catch up.

AND it was Shireen's birthday!  How about that?

Nick and Shireen got to watch David and I play softball and then got to experience the heaven that is Syberg's Wings.

I'm proud to say that they, appropriately, enjoyed Syberg's wings.

They also brought their awesome dog, Izzy, along for the trip.

Izzy's a poodle with dreads.
How fantastic is he?  

You'll notice that Izzy and Maggie are roughly the same height...and Maggie weighs about 100 lbs to Izzy's 50 lbs.

That might explain Maggie's INTENSE begging for Izzy's breakfast.

For shame, Maggie.  For shame.

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