Friday, June 18, 2010

Beer Fest

I totally spaced on writing about this amazing event!
Last Saturday, my friend Jess and I went to the St. Louis Heritage Brewer's Fest... we scored free (!) tickets, so we showed up fashionably late to this event.  I think if we had paid the face value (something like $30) we would have been there for every second of our included beer.   However, with free tickets, we were much more likely to be appropriate with our tasting.

You know me... always going for appropriate.

It's a skill.
Skilled or not, we looked darling for the event.

Anyway...the tent was super crowded...
...but they had about 7589 different beer options, so I never ended up waiting in line for a drink.

My favorite ended up being an ESB from the GBA.

What's that? You thought acronyms were only for work?  Nope, they're for beer too.
ESB--Extra Special Brew
GBA--Garage Brewer's Association.

Basically, my favorite beer ended up being a "special" brew from some guy's garage.

Class all the way.

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