Thursday, June 3, 2010

Kiss Cam

David managed to score free (!) tickets to the Cardinal's last night... 
so you better believe our cheap selves were there in a flash.
The seats weren't bad...actually they were fantastic.

I love free seats.

I tried to take our obligatory self-portrait, but David wasn't cooperating.

There.  Better.
Not much better....but still some.

We were having a great time...but then tragedy struck.  
We decided to get up after, oh, the 6th-ish inning and wander around.  IMMEDIATELY after we left our section, the kiss cam started.
No lie, it was the people immediately to our left.

And then the people a couple of rows ahead of us.

And then the couple three rows behind us.

The kiss cam was on our section AND WE MISSED IT.

This is a tragedy.  So I did what I do in all tragedies.

I pouted.
My hair makes this really unflattering...and the frozen lemonade was David's attempt to get me to stop pouting.
In our relationship, we're not above bribery, people.

David was sad too...but he's not as transparent as I am.

Things got better when cutie-pa-tootie Matt Holliday hit a home run.
Holliday is so cute.

It almost made up for the lost kiss-cam.


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