Monday, June 21, 2010

Lucky Lady

I am a lucky lady!  

You see, I've been working hard at fancifying our kitchen (pictures to follow).  After a lovely lunch with David's family, I spent the rest of my Sunday painting the kitchen.  David noticed piles of kitchen debris on the dining room table and volunteered to be in charge of dinner.  

I assumed this meant he would run to Subway for me.

Silly me.  I was finishing up the trim work in the kitchen when I heard some honking outside.

Turns out, the love of my life bought a grill!

I'm so happy!

We had been wanting a grill for a while...and David found an awesome sale.

What a wonderful surprise...but, even better was seeing David cook dinner.

I think Maggie enjoyed watching him too.

Also, check out the email I got from David today...

Softball game is at 7:30 this evening.  What can I cook for us on the grill before the game??  What about some chicken breasts of some kind??  Let me know and I’ll figure out the perfect way to cook it!  If you can think of something that I can also cook on the side burner, that would be even better!

I love that man.

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