Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Work Hard/Play Hard

On Saturday, I worked David hard.

I'm a slave driver.

We had originally intended to help Danna and Mike paint their townhouse, but when they decided to have a relaxing day instead, we borrowed Mike's truck to get stuff done.

First, we drove out to Wildhorse and got a ladder..
Then, we headed back to our house and loaded up the MASSIVE pile of branches into the truck.

It was hot.  Really, really, really hot.

It was so hot that David wore his brand new dorky hat.

So then we drove the branches out to Valley Park and unloaded them at the composter.
Back to town, where we bought lumber and soil (I'm making a raised garden bed!).
Back home, unload...then washing the truck and returning to St. Charles.


Because David (and me too!) worked so hard on Saturday, we rewarded ourselves with a trip to Six Flags on Sunday.
We took a ton of pictures.

David didn't want to go to on the splashy ride, so I did it myself.
As you can tell from the empty boat, Six Flags wasn't crowded at all....AND it wasn't hot
A perfect day.
A perfect day that included swings.
Even if you can't tell, David loves the swings too.
Interestingly, as we were waiting in line to ride the Moon Cars (the cars in the photos above), I noticed the most awesome shoes I have ever seen.
Get Paid!

Where do I buy shoes like this?!?!
The only roller coaster we didn't ride was The Boss...mostly because one of the cars got stuck on the ride as we were in line.

We're scardey cats and decided that we didn't want to tempt fate :)

Yeah, cowards.

But still a perfect day with my man.
My man, who I forced to pose next to Foghorn Leghorn.

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