Wednesday, January 19, 2011


On Monday, K-State played Mizzou in basketball.

I wore purple.  I might have married into Mizzou, but K-State was good to me.  
Loyalty, people!

I traveled to Columbia with David, Danna, Liam, and Danna's friend Bethany for the game.  My older brother Kyle met us there for the game, but we got dinner beforehand.  Kyle ordered the biggest piece of pork loin I've ever seen.

How can you not take a picture of this??
That's a lot of meat!

Dan and Debra met us for the game...which was a fun experience.
Except for the ending.  And the bad sport who tapped me on the shoulder a couple of times to heckle me.

I think the highlight of my night was probably Kyle's plate of meat.

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