Friday, January 7, 2011


Now that we've officially told all THREE of my bosses and our families, 
David and I are ready to share some news with you all...

In case you can't read that little test in my's a closer view.

I'm pregnant!

Happy Day!

Here's a picture of us the morning our positive test came...
 I woke David up a deep sleep, which explains why he's not wearing a shirt and I'm still in my glasses and Golden Girls t-shirt.

We found out the Monday before Thanksgiving, struggled to keep it quiet since then.  
You can imagine how hard this was for me.
Secrets are not my area of expertise.

Anyway, our due date is July 16,'s a picture from last Monday!


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  1. That looks like a baby to me! Congrats again. You should frame the picture of you in the GG T-shit and David sans shirt in the baby's room. I think it would be a nice touch.