Saturday, January 8, 2011

Secret, Secret, I'm bad at secrets

It's no secret that I'm bad at secrets...and a worse liar.
However, it was important to David that we didn't immediately tell everyone we knew that Baby Brady was coming.
Since he wasn't ready to tell people until Christmas, it was important to me that I not blab it all around before family knew.

But, man, celebrating the holidays were hard.  I started secluding myself at home, but that was no fun and didn't help anything.  For a couple of events, I said that I had a "stomach" thing earlier in the week and didn't feel like drinking, which wasn't technically a lie.  My stomach wasn't too swell.  However, I realized that I couldn't keep that up for long before people started questioning that.

Enter my booze stand-in, white grape juice.

Pour it in a wine glass and no one's wiser.

It actually worked out really well for me, mostly because I have a reputation for liking "crap" wine.  Which is true... I like my wines to taste like kool-aide.  Since I don't have a refined palate, people rarely want to share wine with me. Turns out that my love for crap wine was a blessing!  At least when people thought I was drinking, no one asked me what I was drinking and I eliminated the need to lie.  

It was a perfect solution...and I've been sure to tell all my friends that I wasn't guzzling wine a mere 3 weeks ago.

However, as happy as I was at that solution, I am much happier to be out of the baby closet.  It was so much less stressful to just drink my water (and sparkling grape juice!) on New Year's without feeling all sneaky.

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