Thursday, January 13, 2011


I came home today to the greatest thing ever...finished floors!
 I'm so happy.
 It's hard to tell the color for sure on here, but it's got variations of gray and brown in the tile. 
It's way less taupe-ish than it appears on camera, but that's probably because I purchased my camera for durability and low price, not quality :)
In case you've forgotten, here's a shot that happens to have a bit of the old flooring in it.

I tried to crop a lot of my pictures to miss the old flooring, mostly because I hated it and thought it was heinous.  Trust me, this is better.

As far as installation goes, David and I opted to pay a professional rather than attempt to do it ourselves.  We didn't have the right tools or knowledge to attempt this without ended up divorced.  

We went through a small local company called B-Back Floors, and couldn't be happier with them.  I have a soft spot in my heart for small businesses (mostly due to being the daughter of a small business owner), and am seldom unhappy when I go with people over companies.  Joe called me several times on my cell phone to update me on the progress, and finished up over a day early.  
Joe also owns a snow cone stand, which was a surprising selling point.

At any rate, please consider this my official referral to use B-Back floors-- 314-849-0447.  

Did I mention how happy I am?

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