Wednesday, January 26, 2011


I've been having a bit of trouble sleeping lately, so I've been trying to use my nightowl hours more effectively.  Last night, I was up from 1 until about 4ish.  I ate a slice of pizza and researched quilt patterns.  
It was productive...especially since Grandma Stainbrook is going to make us a baby quilt.  She didn't volunteer, exactly, but said she would be happy to make it for Baby Brady :)  
Grandma making a quilt is great on multiple levels--I get an heirloom AND I get to pick out the pattern and colors I love.

Here's the pattern I've decided to go with.
Hooterville Quilt Pattern - Brandywine Design

How cute is that??  Colors will be decided after we know the gender, but I'm pretty sure the nursery will have an owl theme.  

I think the lack of sleep inspired me, but owls are still cute.

In other owl/mooching news, I've convinced my friend Erin to make us some artwork.  
Here's my favorite inspiration piece...
Owl love you forever 8X10 photo print

Awwwww.  Erin's going to do it (or some other Owl work) in the colors I want and make it fit on a canvas.  Woo!

I also think I'm going to make my own crib bedding and changing pad covers.  I'm not seeing pre-made, reasonably priced ones I like.  It's a bad combo.  I'm both cheap and picky :)

Anyway, here's a fabric I really like.  Does the little bit of pink make it too girly if we have a boy?  Is it too busy for sheets and changing pads?  I think I'll make the crib skirt in a plain fabric.

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  1. I like it. I would use for both a boy and girl. Yes, there is pink (which recently has been associated with girls), but so what? Do we really need to start reinforcing cultural stereotypes and gender roles long before the baby knows what gender is? Why do little boys reject pink because its girly? Certainly not because there is anything girl about it intrinsically--- keep in mind that in the 1800s blue was for girls and pink was for boys--- but rather that they are taught this. Okay, I am off my soap box. I love the owl theme. We are thinking of giraffes.