Monday, January 24, 2011


For the last two summers, David and I have participated in a co-ed softball league through my work.  It's a great team--very competitive but actually welcoming.  I usually trade off catching with another girl, Courtney.  But it's amazing--even though I'm not good at all, they fight me on sitting out.  I imagine that if I demanded to play pitcher, they would probably let me, even though I would walk EVERYONE.

At any rate, our captain, Michelle, is planning for the next season.  Even though I'm not playing (obviously), I'm enjoying the email strand.  Another player, Amy, is having a baby in the spring.  The last email from Joe made me laugh out loud at work.


Michelle: Hello, South Sluggers!  I don't know about you guys, but I'm kind of done with winter and ready to play some SOFTBALL! 
It's time to start signing up.  I'd like to know a couple of things from you...
1. Are you in for Monday nights at Brentwood?
2. Are you going to play full or part time?  Ladies, unless you are pregnant, you have to play part time.  (=  I will make exceptions for pregnancies.
3. Can you pay me when we get our next check (1/28)? 

Amy: Even though I am preggers Matt and I are still committing!  I am due April 12th, so that gives me the first few weeks off (and with usually all the rainouts that will only be a couple of games) and then ready to roll come June time =) 
Can't wait---our baby softball player is already kicking and ready to go!

1. Im in.
2. Im not pregnant, its a beer belly.  I can play full time.
3. You will get your money.

Dan: I'm in and so is Megan. I've been working with her in the off season and now she only sorta throws like a girl.

Michelle: Nice recruiting, Dan!  I just signed us up/paid today.  If you haven't yet told me if you are in or out, part or full time, please shoot me an e-mail.  Once I get a semi-accurate head count, I'll send you the bill.
What to do for the remainder of the off season:
1. Work off those beer bellies
2. Do not become pregnant
3. Count down the days until spring

Amy2b. If you already are pregnant, feed baby lots of fatty foods so they get big and are delivered early so their moms can play ball sooner =)

Courtney: Flipping sweet.  I hope she (Dan's recruit) wants to trade off catching with me.  I'm mad Darcie is leaving her post to have a baby.

Me: Look, I'm convinced that there's no way I could get much worse (or slower, really) than I am now.  I'll waddle out to trade off catching if you want.

Courtney: How big of a jerk would I be to make someone nine month's pregnant squat down to catch the ball?  Sigh.  I'll do it every inning if I have to.  I'll miss swatting at the bugs in far right field though. 

Lisa: Wait, Darcie, you're pregnant?  Am I the only one who had no idea????? Sorry, I'm late to party evidently.  Congrats!!!!

Joe:  Yeah I didnt know either.  I was really hoping that after a season in which we defended our back to back titles by not making the playoffs we would focus on the fundamentals and improving our speed and agility on the softball field not in the sack.

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