Friday, January 21, 2011

Snow Day Productivity!

We had a snow day yesterday, so I painted the bathroom.
After I slept in until 7:30.
I'm very exciting. 

We also have another snow day today...but I haven't yet decided how or if I'm going to be productive.

Anyway, I painted the bathroom nearly the same color.  The original paint was a flat paint and wasn't working out so well for a bathroom.  I would try to scrub the toothpaste flecks off, but the wall just ended up looking gross.  So I repainted with a kitchen-bath enamel.
Before I repainted, I patched all the holes and covered my (new) floors with paper.
I'm not taking any chances with my new floor!
Before you get all excited, I used no voc paint and had the fan running the whole time.
I also took lots of breaks.

That aside, the new color looks the same as the old in pictures, but in real life there's not the touch of blue that was there before.  I'm happy with the walls--I think they'll be much easier to maintain.

But I'm thinking I'm going to need some more color on the walls--since that blue is gone.  
Here's what used to be above the towel rack...

And here's what I'm thinking about adding instead (I stole it from the guest room, which will get redecorated soon to be the nursery anyway)...  
Obviously, I would hang it on the wall.

Here's what used to be above the toilet, except minus the top shelf.

And here's what I'm thinking instead...again, hung on the wall.
 I'm not as happy with this option, but it was stolen from the guest room too.  Maybe I'll hunt around my house and see what other options for stealing I have.  I'm thinking the shelf won't go back up--it didn't really feel very stable and the only reason I put it up in the first place was to cover up holes that existed when I moved in....


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