Tuesday, January 18, 2011


 This weekend, my parents came into town.  After forcing my father to do some handy-work around the house (fixing fan in bathroom, replacing ballcock in toilet, AND fixing a broken switch on a lamp), we took them to wrestling at the South Broadway Athletic Club.  Mom & Dad hadn't been here since our wedding reception (and had never been to wrestling here), so they were very excited.
 I took a lot of shots of wrestling...for some reason.  Here's just a couple.

After the show, Mom got her picture taken with the tag team champions--Abe and Gabe, also known as The Lumberjacks.
She was thrilled.  Dad has big plans to blow up this picture and hang it in the beer room.  Mom's not entirely bought into that idea, but she's coming around.

The next day, we took them to a buffet brunch at the casino, after which I complained enough about my tight pants that Mom took me shopping for maternity pants.  Ignoring the fact that the gut was probably related to the BUFFET BRUNCH, I'm grateful.  I haven't worn them to work yet, but the day is coming when my pants are not going to be forgiving.  David says he's already tired of listening to me complain about my pants every morning.

I can't wait for it to be warm enough to wear dresses. 

Dresses are forgiving.

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