Wednesday, January 12, 2011

House Progress

It's been a while since I've written about house progress--
and I have huge news.
Huge for me, which is relative.

We've hated the flooring in our kitchen and bathroom since before we bought the house, but we always intended to replace it, "someday."

Oh, the mythical "someday."  Sounds good when you're house shopping, but sounds less good when "someday" doesn't have a specific date.

Turns out, our "someday" came sooner than just saving allowed, thanks to some generous Christmas gifts from family.

The flooring guys came today and got started... they expect to finish tomorrow.  Here's our ripped up bathroom.
 I put the towel on the floor, not them.  
For some reason, it felt necessary.

Here's the kitchen.
 Another angle...
 On an interesting note, it turns out that there is hardwood in EVERY room in our house--including the bathroom and kitchen.   
The floor guys were amazed--apparently, it's really rare to find hardwood in bathrooms and kitchens.  
We opted not to keep it hardwood and go ahead and tile.  
But it's still an interesting piece of history with the old homestead.

I'm excited for the final result--hopefully tomorrow!

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